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You cannot seem to focus on what are happening.

Just lay down, think about nothing.

At all. Too much pressure.

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Intense stress and anxiety lead to this.

A small smile settled onto my tear stained face. This is what everyone wanted, well then this is what they were getting. The thin blade settled on my skin  it had been there many a time. All of this could be over now… The pain, the memories, the hurt. It could all be taken away… No one seemed to understand, people said I was loved… I didn’t feel it. The pain and suffering was drowning me. No one cared about what I did, they saw the scars did they do anything? No. Did anyone try to save me? No. I was left all alone without anyone to love me or help me. I glanced down tears welling up in my eyes, was I really just a worthless freak to everyone? I have tried so hard to get stand tall or stand up for myself. It wasn’t enough, they only pushed me further and further until I finally snapped


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