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Hero Dog


These hero dogs have done so many great things. Dogs are found all over the world, and it is one of the main domesticated animals, kept as pets. Wild dogs are found in the jungles in different parts of Asia, Africa and Australia. Many dogs are found roaming in the street. These are called un-pet or street dogs. Pet as well as un-pet dogs love to remain in association with human beings in a locality

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Hero Dogs, trained to be heroes. A dog plays the important role of a faithful and true friend. During the absence of his master from home, the dog takes care of the house. A dog keeps thieves away from the house of his master. Dogs vary widely in their sizes, shapes, colors and habits depending on the breed (type). The dog is a quadruped (four footed) carnivorous animal that likes to live in groups. Its body is covered with a coat of hairs. Wild dogs have much structural similarity with foxes and wolves.


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